What bio-revitalization is and what is used for

БиоревитализацияBio-revitalization is one of the methods used for elimination of skin defects. The essence is in feeding hyaluronic acid into deep layers of skin. Hyaluronic acid as natural polymer aids moisturizing and restoration of skin structure. Fibroblasts, responsible for skin flexibility are stimulated as well.

The term “bio-revitalization” means “natural recovery”. This methods addresses aging signs, creation of hydro-reserve and functional skin recovery.


Dry and less elastic skin, caused by aging and many other reasons. Among many medications, hyaluronic acid is utmost effective natural humidifier. Small wrinkles, evident decrease of skin smoothness due to ultraviolet affection, stresses, smoking. First symptoms of skin aging is conditioned by diminution of hyaluronic acid presence in skin layers. Bio-revitalization helps as to fight aging signs, so to prophylaxis of their further appearance.

Traumatized skin, recovered after laser grinding procedure or chemical peelling or plastic surgery. Hyaluronic acid and bio-revitalization support full division of cells responsible for recovery pace. After intervention, the level of hyaluronic acid comes back to normal, and its additional supply speeds the recovery up.

Ultraviolet irradiation. This procedure eases skin preparation for ultraviolet irradiation, also helping combating affection of the latter. Hyaluronic acid also protects cells from free radicals caused by ultraviolet.

БиоревитализацияSallow skin, pigmentation, dark circles around eyes. Melanin, responsible for pigmentation also works as antioxidant therefore cells sensitive to excessive oxidation suffer from immoderate pigmentation. Hyaluronic acid increases resistance to excess of oxidation and aids natural pigment's restoration. Rapid solution for hyper pigmentation is achieved by combination of bio-revitalization, medium peeling and melanin suppressors.

Enlarged pores and increased release of skin fat for oleaginous and problematic skin. Many medications that reduce activity of sebaceous glands contain hyaluronic acid in ether form.


Bio-revitalization is also applied for solving above-mentioned problems and with prophylaxis purpose. It is used after 25 years age as a rule.

Advantages of bio-revitalization

Naturalness and depth of action. Hyaluronic acid is contained in the majority of bio-revitalization cosmetics. When applied, action of hyaluronic acid is limited to superficial action without deep penetration. As opposite, bio-revitalization process acid gets into medium and deep layers of dermis acting at cellular level. Hyaluronic acid being natural improves inter-cellular substance, which is important for feeding and moisturizing skin, as well helps elastin and collagen restoration.

Pace of effect. A result can be observed already after one-two procedures. Effect duration. In some cases the effect can stay for years, though in most of the cases it lasts 3-6 months. Result is represented by improvement of skin elasticity, color, small wrinkles disappearance, good lifting effect. Biological age of the person and speed of hyaluronic acid consumption are the mostly influencing factors re effect duration. Ultraviolet, smoking, various diseases are among the reasons for new wrinkles appearance.

What is improved by bio-revitalization?.
Bio-revitalization can be applied on almost any place of the face and body. Usually, this procedure goes on face, neck, decollete and hands. These are most open parts of a body, usually not covered by clothes and therefore affected by negative environment factors as sun light, which accelerates skin aging.

Bio-revitalization is also applied in the area of eyelids. Frequently, patients require this procedure for earlobe and other zones where visible signs affect the exterior.

Does bio-revitalization eliminate wrinkles?

Small wrinkles can be removed by bio-revitalization. Although, it it better to be done with the help of contour plastics or Botox. Bio-revitalization is good for wrinkles prophylaxis in combination with skin moisturizing effect, better elasticity and required skin tone.

Bio-revitalization types

It can be injection or non-injection way. Injection is the process of introducing hyaluronic acid via very thin needle. This method is defined and surface mesotherapy, allowing to insert necessary amount of medication into appropriate skin layer.

Non-injection type, or laser type – hyaluronic acid is introduced via low intensity laser. Needle is not used in this case. The procedure itself is comfortable and relaxing. However, in this case it is difficult to assure necessary concentration of hyaluronic acid in the skin cover.

Both procedures are useful for skin, where non-injection is more comfortable, but injection is more effective.

What substitution therapy is?

Биоревитализация инъекцииLack of hyaluronic acid in skin is compensated with the help of bio-revitalization. But this effect is not the only one.

Main result is stimulation of hyaluronic acid synthesis in the body. 1 ml of medication contains 0,002 grams of hyaluronic acid. At the age of 50 entire skin cover produces around 2ml of hyaluronic acid, 0,1ml of which by the facial skin. At this age, the deficit of hyaluronic acid is roughly 50% so to complete it a daily injection of 0,5 ml would be required.

Nevertheless, necessary concentration of hyaluronic acid could be achieved by smaller amount of the medication. This is because introduced hyaluronic acid not only does not disturb acid's production by body, but also, due to acceleration effect and activation of fibro-blasts, stimulates it. This explains the fact that injected hyaluronic acid is not substituting but activating substance.

How this stimulation works?

Cells can be stimulated in various ways, either to force them to work harder or to help by creating appropriate environment.

Hyaluronic acid as natural component created optimal work conditions for body cells enlarging cells' reserves. None of existing medication can stop aging completely, but contemporary cosmetic procedures can delay this process.

Bio-revitalization – impact on entire body

Main part of hyaluronic acid is synthesized in the skin, therefore the larger the surfaces of skin is treated the bigger amount of acid will get into the body. Reasonably, body demand in hyaluronic acid is supplied not only for the skin, but for other organs as well, so this helps improvement of adaptation resource and rejuvenation of the entire body.