Botox and Hyaluronic acid injections in Chisinau

БотоксFirst thing I have found out from aesthetics doctor, once seated on pink chair in his office, was that “Botox or hyaluronic acid injections is not an accessory of old people and, definitely one should not appeal to this modern technique of wrinkle remediation at old age, when nothing can be done for rejuvenation. Skin age does not correspond to one in your passport, and there are young people of 20+ age that face evident wrinkles, premature aging, who need help to look correspondingly to their age”.

Botox and hyaluronic acid are perceived, wrongfully, as something scary that mutilates your face and negatively change your features. Correct only partly, because in this field also the abuse is damaging. However, if practiced by a professional in facial aesthetics and with most qualitative substances, Botox treatment can wipe many years out of your face, without pain, adverse effects and frustration.

In developed countries, Botox injections are banal. Nobody open eyes as big as of a wolf from Red Riding Hood when it comes to get rid of wrinkles or solve skin aging problem.

Step by step, these procedures have been adapted in Romania where as in other countries stress, food, pollution or smoking are getting us older prematurely and in some cases cremes and magic potions that promise to give back shiny, young skin do not do their job even at the age of 25+ or 30+.

It is true that dependents on Botox or hyaluronic injections do not know to stop so you can see many famous people with disfigured faces.

While Botox is a relaxing substance injected in zones where skin moves a lot (between eyebrows, around eyes, mouth) and that lead to stretching skin, and implicitly – wrinkles removal, Hyaluronic acid is designated to zones needing volume, as lips, for example. So, when we treat wrinkles we use Botox, when we want volume – hyaluronic acid.

Why Botox is the most popular injection in the world

It offers spectacular results, corrects wrinkles and expression lines in a matter of minutes.

Is 100% sure procedure: Botox injection is a simple and non-surgical treatment that presumes duration of 10-15 minutes.

It does not require post intervention recovery, does not imply anesthesia and cause adverse reactions.

Costs are relatively small, taking into consideration long duration of effects comparing to anti-wrinkle creme, which costs almost as Botox injection having much modest result.

The effect is more visible in short time, around 7 days and results will last more than 5 months if all doctor's recommendations are respected.

It does not create dependence. Continuation of Botox is solely up to patient.

Ideal age for Botox

Most of people state that they are going to use this treatment when 50 years old. However, specialists have another opinion. At that age treatment is not efficient due to very accentuated wrinkles. Botox has to be applied in time, when effects are maximized. Therefore the ideal age for Botox treatment is 30, though in case of premature aging – below 30.

What hyaluronic acid treatments implies?

Ботокс лифтинг

Ботокс лифтинг

Derma Filler assures skin firmness and offers lips' volume

Hyaluronic acid is also of a help for smokers, who have formed wrinkles around mouth.

First step, is anesthesia of the treated zone. Afterwards, hyaluronic acid is injected slowly, to give volume to lips and to redefine the smile or to eliminate unaesthetic wrinkles.

Anesthesia ensures a painless treatment. Differently from anesthetic cremes, specialized anesthesia here provides precision and immediate effect.

Treatment with hyaluronic acid takes 20 minutes.

Obtained results are lasting but not permanent. Effect duration varies from person to person and is influenced by many factors (age, skin type, lifestyle, muscular activity). As a general, the effect lasts from 6 to 12 months.

Zone around lips is very vascularized and that's why it gets inflated more than other zones. Therefore, it should not be disturbed firs 48 hours. After redness and edema disappear, treated zone must not be exposed to cold and excessive heat.