What mesotherapy is about

Mesotherapy is a less-invasive technique for injecting cosmetic medication designated to revitalize the skin.

It can influence the entire body, however is being applied mostly to face, neck, hands as well as in zones sensitive to solar radiation and aging.

Mesotherapy uses natural substances, that normally exist in human body. These components complete the deficiencies caused by aging.

What does this procedure do for your skin?

There is a series of injections, made by a very thin needle into dermis and into subcutaneous layer, of natural substances, which are used, as separately so in mixtures, with major purpose to stimulate physiological processes of recovering and rejuvenation, reduction or even disappearance of small wrinkles, more uniform skin-complexion.

This procedure, invented by french doctor Michael Pistor in 1952, is being practiced worldwide, as medication so as cosmetic remedy, offering a possibility to treat various problems such as: pain, tinnitus, IBS in conventional medicine, up to boldness, wrinkles, local fat depositions, aesthetic cellulite.

Conventional mesotherapy represents a simple method of practical painless treatment, that allows active substances' penetration to be used allopathically or homeopathically, in deeper layers of skin.

Any adult person of 18-75 age, in good health, can benefit from mesotherapy. It is a sure method that causes no secondary effects and that does not require post-treatment recovery time. There are various injection techniques applied with special needles of 4-12 mm (nappage, point per point, intradermal papules) depending on treatment zone and purpose.

There is no constant number of sessions necessary for treatment of a certain problem.
It is determined by addressed zone and treatment progress. As a principle, there are 4 to 10 sessions usually required to obtain expected and lasting result.