Mesotherapy in cosmetology

МезотерапияContemporary technologies help achievement of expected result in less time. This also applies to mesotherapy that became so popular in last years.

What mesotherapy is?

This a method based on injecting of biologically-active elements of direct action. Nutrients, micro-elements and vitamins are delivered to necessary segments of skin thus contributing to correction of changes caused by aging and to improvement of qualitative skin composition. Individual adaptation of treated zone and of injection's composition accelerates achievement of lasting desired effect.

Today, mesotherapy is among most practiced methods of combating aging skin. Mesotherapy is used facial skin and body lifting, for treatment of cellulite, elimination of scars and ties, acne, body modeling. Mesotherapy is frequently prescribed in recovery period after plastic operation.

Moreover, mesotherapy is often used as stress-combating method. Anti-stress mesotherapy helps in case of psychological trauma, anxiety, insomnia and diverse disorders. Good results are being observed in application to hair treatment.

It is well compatible with a body lymphatic drainage and with different correction methods. Effect can be felt already after first mesotherapy session.

Укол мезотерапии

How mesotherapy injections differ?

Mesotherapy course aims achievement of a certain effect. In this method, injections penetrate problem zones very superficially, substance is introduced in very small quantity. Mesotherapy is rarely used as main treatment procedure, having, in principle, maintenance effect. Differently from other types of injection, mesotherapy is practically painless.

What substances are injected using mesotherapy method?

Precise combination of elements that enter into injected substance is a key to successful application of mesotherapy. These components must have an effect exactly for defined skin area without secondary influence on other parts of the body. Qualified professional only can determine what vitamins or minerals are necessary for skin at certain moment.

Doctor who practices this procedure must have in depth knowledge in dermatology, pharmacology and reflex-therapy. Doctor, as a result of examination, diagnoses causes of skin modifications, and after the analysis only the procedure takes place.

Injections may contain vitamins, micro-elements, anti oxidants, amino acids, bio-stimulators, plants' extracts and other agents that affect problem zones. Procedure effect depends on proportions and correctness of application.


Results obtained after mesotherapy procedure are formed from the followings components:

This method has indisputable advantages in skin treatment and regeneration. Apart of avoiding surgical intervention, this procedure has very few contraindications. Complication risk is also minimal despite the fact that mesotherapy is well combined with other cosmetic procedures. High effectiveness in skin treatment is completed with lasting results.

Mesotherapy helps improvement of local blood circulation. Integuments' receptors are stimulated by injected needle. As a follower of micro-trauma caused by needle, the process of healing through new cells' growth and renovation is generated.

Pharmacological effect that appears as a result of interaction between body and substance has beneficial impact over problem zone. There is a possibility of opioid effects as a result of body reaction to light hits. The effects similar to reflexology and acupuncture can also be felt.

Non injection method

Needle impact over the integument is a part of the method. Correctly made injection ensure all effects of this method, except pharmacological one. If to exclude the needle from the process, the process and effect of the procedure change themselves.

Cosmetology use

This method helps treating and correcting dry skin, facial defects, eye bruises and dark circles, acne, skin aging and pigmentation, cellulite, weight excess, stretch marks after pregnancy, etc. You can try effectiveness of this method, here in Chisinau at address indicated on the web page map.